Google’s Search has always had a way of making the most out of an event, showcasing new Google Doodles for every possible event that you can think of, from birthdays all the way up to the Olympics.

And since it is Halloween today, they have a huge reason to celebrate something with a Google Doodle, and they have.

Today they unveiled a new Google Doodle that doubles up as a mini game.

In the game, you play as a cat on a quest to get back a book of spells from an evil ghost, to do this, you must draw shapes with your mouse to fight off incoming ghosts and ghouls.

The shape that you need to draw to kill a ghost or ghoul will appear above its head, you must kill off a number of these in each level. In total, there are five levels with a boss at the end of them.

You can play the game for yourself on Google’s homepage, you know the address for it, but we will link you to it in the source link below anyway.

Source: Google

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