Google has today revealed that their extremely accessible virtual reality headset has been extremely popular.

It was launched by Google back in 2014, since which time, they revealed that they have shipped more than 10 million units of their Google Cardboard VR viewer.

This comes after they revealed that they had shipped 5 million units in just July last year, that a huge increase, doubling the amount of Cardboard devices that Google has sold in two years, from just under a year of sales.

Google also revealed that Cardboard-compatible apps have been downloaded more than 160 million times.

There are around 30 different Cardboard apps, so that’s pretty impressive.

This news was revealed by Google’s VP of VR, Amit Singh at MWC 2017, who also revealed some more details about Google’s next VR project, Google Daydream.

He revealed that there are now six phones available on the market that will support Daydream, with access to over 100 apps.

He also revealed that people are already watching around 40 minutes of Daydream content a week.

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