Canals & rivers are a very well known trait of the UK, and is an important part of the UK countryside, it now seems that Google will be combing these areas with the loan of a portable Google Trekker backpack to the Canal & River Trust to allow them to capture images of the canals and rivers on foot.

This is quite unconventional to Google’s usual methods of father images of the streets, which is usually done by car or tricycle, however as there’s not enough room for these options, the Google Trekker was born.

Measuring 1.2 metre high and weighing 18KG in total, the Trekker features a camera with 15 lens angles that can take a shot every 2.5 seconds with a full 360 degree angle. These are then sent back to the team at Google and stitched together.

As the first organisation in the UK, they aim to capture the entire length of the Regent’s Canal in London to kick things off.

Wendy Hawk, corporate partnerships manager of the Canal & River Trust said the following about the opportunity:

“We’re delighted to be the first people in the UK to get the Trekker on our backs – it’s fantastic that our 200-year old network is being given a different lease of life thanks to cutting edge, 21st-century technology.”

“The footage we get will allow millions of people from all over the world to see our canals, rivers and towpaths, and will hopefully encourage some people to make a trip to see them.”



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