At today’s Google I/O 2014 event, Google announced that they will be taking on Apple’s CarPlay system with their own system named Android Auto, which will be coming to vehicles worldwide, bringing Android to the road.

Google also said that Android Auto will offer navigation, communication and music features, allowing users of Android Auto to easily use apps within their car, using a grid of icons to make the process as easy as possible.

The platform will also be contextually aware, allowing it to serve useful information as users need it., Google also shown how this will work with your Android phone when plugged into the car, allowing it to send information on the screen, with toggles on the steering wheel that allows user to control their phone with familiar car controls.

The first thing a user sees is the Overview screen, which will contain contextually-relevant destinations, reminders, contacts and music, which is pulled from apps on your phone and from Google Now.

Users can also use car controls or voice commands with the system, with simple glanceable controls according to the company.

Google Maps has also been included in Android Auto, offering live traffic and turn-by-turn navigation, with voice enabled instructions and controls.

THere’s also messaging features integrated in the system, allowing it to show up notifications on your cars dashboard.

Android Auto will be available alongside Android L later this year, set to launch in autumn, with an Android Auto SDK being released for developers at some point.

Google also announced that they will be partnering with over 40 partners that includes Audi, Bentley, Chevrolet, Jeep, Honda, Ford, and many more, with over 25 car brands already signed up to offer Android Auto.

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