Google has just released a new video with the guys from Phonebloks (the team behind the project), showing off their plans for the phone for the first time (well properly anyway).

The idea of Project Ara is to create a phone that can be upgraded by simply sliding a part in or out of the back, simply slide out one section that used to old something like a camera, and slide in a new part, like a newer camera or even something completely different.

Google also revealed in its video that it will be holding a developer conference for the project on April 15th till April 16th, in which time they will provide “a detailed walk-through of existing and planned features of the Ara platform, a briefing and community feedback sessions on the alpha MDK, and an announcement of a series of prize challenges for module developers.”

Google says that it will have three different models of the Ara when it is ready, including a 6-module mini handset and a 9-module phablet, they also mentioned that users will be able to personalise their phone using 3D printing.

Check out the video for a quick look at what to expect.

Via: 9to5google

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