[Update] The Google Photos Twitter account has since sent out the following tweet, confirming that it will not be about payments.

[Original Story] In a strange video titled “Your Wafel Awaits…” Google teased what looks to be an upcoming announcement that allows you to pay for items with a photo.

The 9 second video shows a woman making a waffle with a sizzling waffle iron, and then a view of the outside of a drive through with a Google Photos sticker that says #PayWithAPhoto on the bottom.

Google says that more details will be revealed about Pay With A Photo on July 29th, hinting that the event will be about “wafels, not waffles.”

This could all be a marketing stunt by Google for the companies new Photos services, or it could just be about wafels/ waffles.

We will know when Google’s event kicks off in NYC next week, Google says you should follow their Google Photos Twitter account to get all the information on the day.

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