Earlier we mentioned that Google may be releasing their TV service here in the UK, well they just confirmed that their Google TV platform will be launched in the UK in early 2012, the service provides subscription as well as free on-demand content through its set-top boxes and branded TV’s.

During his speech at Edinburgh International Television festival Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt announced a Europe release” within the next six months” confirming earlier rumors. Google has stated that the UK platform will be their “priority” and will feature BBC iPlayer and ITV Player and many more likely to be confirmed before launch.

Schmidt says that he has high hopes for the platform, but so would any executive chairman, but he carried on to say:

“Some in the US feared we aimed to compete with broadcasters or content creators. Actually, our intent is the opposite,”

“We seek to support the content industry by providing an open platform for the next generation of TV to evolve, the same way Android is an open platform for the next generation of mobile.

“We’re agnostic when it comes to whether free or paid content models are best,” he added. “It’s up to content owners to decide if they want to charge, and it’s up to users to decide if they want to pay.”

Since it’s US launch through the Google TV has been very badly reviewed, due to a lack of content and a bad UI, this could be the case here in the UK too and even the rest of Europe unless Google do something special with this service I’m not to sure if it will take off the way Schmidt expects.

What do you think? Would you get a Google TV? Or just stick to your PS3 and Sky boxes?


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