Google TV is currently only available in the US, since October last year, but failed to strike excitement into the Americans hearts with extremely mixed reviews and bad sales. Bu even after this Google is still planning to launch its service across the pond, where according to one report the service will be released here in the UK in just 6 months.

The Telegraph reports that Goole TV will be announced at the Edinburgh Television Festival which will start from today and last until the 28th of August, which may mean we will have clearer news on the subject soon.

You may have realised that we have actually had these features for a long time now, with a lot of TVs with Smart TV functionality you can do this without the added cables, and even if you don’t have a Smart TV just yet you can do all of this on the Apple TV, PS3 and some of the features are even on the Xbox 360.

Which does make me think; do we actually need Google TV in the UK, but after reading one of TechRadar’s post it changed my mind, who think that the service may surprise us after all:

The first was the acquisition of SageTV in the UK, a company that specialises in providing software for media servers.

The biggest change of all, however, is Google buying Motorola – alongside its massive pot of patents, it has expertise in IPTV infrastructure and already has a hand in making set-top boxes.

I don’t think I am gonna get this as I already have a lot of the feature it provides in my other gadgets and I have never been one o buy stuff I don’t need, but if you don’t already have anything like this then the Google TV would be perfect for you.

What do you think? Are you excite for the Google TV? Would you buy it?

[via TechRadar]

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