Google has today unveiled something that they call DayDream, which is a complete solution for accessing VR content.

DayDream will focus completely on VR, and will allow manufacturers to create Daydream-ready smartphones with a set of specifications that Google has set out to make sure you get the best experience, and as part of Android N, Google will also be releasing a new VR mode.

This VR mode in Android N will increase performance, reduce latency and make provide a VR ready UI.

A number of partners will be working with Google to release these compatible phones, including Samsung, LG, HTC and more, all of whom will have a device this fall according to Google.

Daydream will also provide a reference design for a VR headset for manufacturers to make, as well as another for a controller that allows the user to scroll and swipe, but also with sensors to allow the user to move around in the environment with motion.

Daydream will also come with its own Google Play Store, allowing you to access content from a number of partners like EA, The Wall Street Journal and more for a number of VR games and applications.

Google Play Movies, Maps and Photos will also be available on Daydream, alongside a special version of YouTube.

Daydream will be available this fall, however, developers can grab a look at it from today.

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