Google’s Gmail team has today unveiled their own new app called Inbox, which will change the way you handle your gmail accounts according to the company.

To do this the Inbox has a number of features, one of the first is something called Bundles which is an extension to the categories system from the Gmail app, allowing users to group things like receipts or bank statements in one place, making them easier to find and manage.

Alongside this Inbox can highlight key information with a message, including flight information, photos and documents from family and friends. It will also look for the real-time status of flights or package deliveries from relevant web-based information.

On top of all of this, Inbox will also include other features including Reminders, Assists and Snooze.

Inbox will be accessible on iPhone and Android deices from today as long as the user has an invite from Google, to get which users need to email Google at the email address [email protected]

Before you do however check out the video above, and find out more at the source link below.

Source: Google Inbox

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