Google has launched a new line of watchbands for Android Wear devices this week, called Mode, they are new watchbands that have specifically been designed to make swapping bands on your smartwatch easier.

Google launched these bands to allow them to offer a range of styles that can be swapped out according to when and where the user wants to change them, for instance, to match outfits or activities.

The first collection of the Mode bands are from Hadley-Roma, and cost $49.99 for the silicon versions and $59.99 for the leather versions.

They work by utilising a toggle that can be pushed down in order to detach the strap easily, they also attach using the normal pin system and will work with any Android Wear smartwatch. They also come with a range of widths, including 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and 22mm.

Google has also said that they plan to allow anyone to use the Mode system as long as they source the Mode mechanism from Google authorised vendors, pass reliability testing and follow Google’s brand guidelines.

You can pick up the new Mode watchbands from both the Google Store and Amazon.

Source: Google Mode

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