Google has today unveiled a brand new application for messaging called Allo, which is a messaging app that has Google’s personal assistant right in, and aims to provide you with a self-learning messaging experience in order to provide you with easy ways to converse with others.

Google also wants to allow you to express how you feel with options like Whisper/ Shout, which basically allows you to either show large text for shouting, or small text for whispering.

Allo will also allow you to draw on shared images with handwriting, and it will include support for Smart Reply, a feature that comes from Google’s Inbox application and will offer quickly suggested replies on the fly, which have been curated from your own messages.

Interestingly, this will even work when someone sends a photo to you, which works because Google can understand both the content and the context of the dog.

With Smart Replies, Allo will also be able to show cards that contain information for Google, and allows you to use Google’s assistant in order to find information, book tickets or reservations, all right from the Allo app.

Typing @Google in the app will also allow you to search Google for results, bringing them up in the conversation in the same card experience.

Users will also be able to have conversations with Google directly from the app.

Just like Chrome, users will be able to use an Incognito mode in the app, which offers end to end encryption, with private notifications, and controls over message expiration.

Normally Allo will always be encrypted.

Allo will be available this summer on Android and iOS.


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