Google have today announced that they updated their Google+ social network with various new profile and page improvements, one of the new features include a new “local reviews” tab positioned at the top left of the page, allowing users to discuss their favorite restaurants and local locations with their friends.

It’s likely that this feature would link with Google’s other services at a later point.

Google+ profiles have also been updated with the introduction of larger cover photos, allowing users to upload cover photos up to a 16×9 aspect ratio, there’s also a new about tab on the profiles, there’s also a cleaner look and individual sections that will be displayed in a similar block format to Google Now, with colors highlighting each section.

There’s also a new feature for the Google+ Hangouts feature, adding a new keypad that can be used when typing in another user’s phone number, however this is only available to those who reside in the US and Canada.

You won’t see the new features straight away, as they will be rolling out to users in stages.

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