Google have today announced the expansion of their Street View images with their Google Maps service that will bring new Imagery of Bulgaria for the first time.

Users of the service will also be able to access new panoramas featuring nearly 200 new towns and cities within Russia, as well as refreshed images of the UK landscape.

Bulgaria is now the 48th country to get their landscape snapped by street view, allowing for street view access across various cities and towns within the country, such as Sofia, Veliko and an ancient seaside attraction town called Nessebar.

Within Russia there will also be new Street View images of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, alongside the other cities within the country that make up nearly 200 in total.

My hometown of the UK will also be getting an update, with new images for London, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff, with new images for parts of the map that didn’t have Street View coverage before.

Source: Google Lat Blog

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