Today Google announced that they will be bringing some new features to search results on iOS, showing links for music and video streaming services from today, as they previously did for Android-based web searches.

With this change, users will start to see links to various streaming service when searching for content that exists on various platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, and others.

With these links, users will be able to jump straight into the content via an app that they already have installed on their iOS smartphone, in the same way that it works on Android.

Google will also be displaying pricing info when it is available so you can know about that before heading over to the app.

Google explained more with the following:

Now when people are searching for things to watch, Google offers links to streaming services (e.g. ABC, Amazon Video, Hulu) directly from its TV show, TV episode, and movie Knowledge Panels. These links bring you to the appropriate piece of content on the selected service. Additionally, Google surfaces pricing information for the given piece of content on each service.
Listen Now when people are searching for songs, Google offers links to streaming services (e.g. Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora) directly from the Knowledge Panels for musical artists. These links bring you to the artist’s content or artist-seeded radio depending on the specific service selected and your subscription.

iOS users will start to see the new icons from partner streaming services beginning today in Google search results.

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