Some of the most popular browser extensions are ones that allow you to block ads and that is leading to publishers looking for ways to target these ad blocker users and regain revenue.

There are already a number of ways to do this, however, not many have really broken the barrier that exists between getting revenue and pleasing users.

This week Google unveiled some of their plans to help publishers do this, explaining their new guidelines that have been produced to help publishers use better ads, which have a focus on not using obtrusive of annoying advertising.

On top of that, Google also unveiled plans to launch a new service that will allow publishers to charge users who are using an ad blocker on their service. This is with their new Funding Choices program that was developed by Google to provide better ad experiences for publishers.

It is in a beta stage right now and allows publishers to set a customised message to their visitors who are using ad blockers and invite them to either whitelist their site through their ad blocker or pay a small amount, which will remove the ads on their website.

Marc Boswell, SVP of sales operations at Business Insider said the following about it:

“Funding Choices allows us to have a conversation with visitors using ad blockers on how our business works, and provide them a choice to whitelist or contribute to our newsroom.”

The new Funding Choices feature is being rolled out in the form of a beta from this week to publishers in North America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

They will then expand this to other regions over time.

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