Google’s DeepMind AlphaGo program has beat the world champion of the game Go today.

The match is the second time that the program has beaten a real-life player, and was hosted in Seoul against South Korea’s Lee Se-dol. As mentioned previously, this is the second time that Google’s AI has done this, beating the European Go champion back in October 2015.

That said, the game was very close, and Lee did have the upper hand for a large section of the game, that said AlphaGo still took the lead due to Lee forfeiting.

The two will be playing a total of five games during the series over the next five days, at the end of which the winning side will grab a prize of around $1m.

If AlphaGo wins then it will be a huge achievement for Google, as the game of Go is considered to be a lot more complex than the game of chess, with an incomputable number of move options, meaning that the computer must be capable of human-like intuition to win.

You can check out AlphaGo’s first win in the series in the video below.


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