It has been a long time since Firefox was ahead of Chrome in terms of features, but early this week that very thing happened as Mozilla added CSS Grid and WebAssembly to their own browser.

Today Google caught up with Mozilla, adding support for WebAssembly and CSS Grid in the latest version of Chrome 57, which was previously only available in the beta version of the web browser.

In case you didn’t read our previous article about it, WebAssembly is a new code format that’s under development and has been created to speed up web apps and bring more modern games to the web browser, which does by using less code and cross-browser languages.

There are a number of demos available to try WebAssembly out and you will find some great tutorials on the web via Google, head over to the WebAssembly site for one such demo.

On top of WebAssembly, Chrome 57 also adds supports for the new CSS Grid layout specification, allowing web designers to create two-dimensional layouts with grids, allowing them to create better and responsive user interface designs with the ability to create grid elements to span multiple columns and rows.

Google also added various bug fixes to the browser, with the ability to add progressive web apps to the Android home screen and app drawer, as well as the addition of the new Media Session API, and more.

You can grab the latest version of Chrome by either downloading it from Google’s website, or by updating a current Chrome install, which it should do automatically.

You can find out more about Chrome 57 at the source link below.

Source: Google

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