Finally after months of waiting, Google have revealed a release date for their Chromecast streaming dongle in the UK, hitting the shores on Britain on Wednesday March 19th, well according to a leaked retail inventory anyway.

Posted by Android Police, the leaked screenshot claims to have come from Dixons’ internal systems, and reportedly reveals the March 19th release date, alongside which the site is also claiming that the device is already showing up at retail locations with the message that it “must not go on sale before 9am on Wednesday.”

This could link to a photo of “a box of Chromecasts,” that was posted by a Twitter user earlier this week, claiming to be from a Curry’s or PC World store, we unfortunately are unable to link to that photo as it has been deleted, but it still adds a small amount of further confirmation.

Sources claim that when the device becomes available it will go on sale for £30, which is a little more than the US price of $35 (£21), however that’s something that normally happens due to the extra taxes and VAT.

At the moment we have no official confirmation of the Chomecast’s launch but we will let you know if we do.

Source: Android Police

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