Google has this week announced a new update to their Chromecast media streaming dongle, allowing it to support live streams from YouTube, however currently not if you live in Germany.

Google also mentioned that any YouTube channels that are not in a good standing with the service will automatically be disabled from Live streaming.

“With Google Chromecast available in 18 countries and +YouTube live streams happening on the regular, we wanted to share one of our favourite ways to use Chromecast. Head to one of the live streams below in the YouTube app, just press the cast button, then kick back and enjoy these live events from the comfort of your living room”

This new update means that users can now stream media from their laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet and now the Chromecast.

The Google Chromecast dongle costs only $35 in the US and £30 in the UK, and supports users on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, and can be plugged into any HDTV that is equipped with a HDMI port.

Users can also access normal YouTube videos, the Netflix service, Pandora, Google Play using the Chromecast.

For more inormation hit up the source link.

Source: Google

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