At their Google I/O event earlier this year, Google announced their plans to launch a new virtual reality headset scheme called Daydream.

At their Made by Google event yesterday, Google revealed the first virtual reality headset that will be launched as part of this scheme, the Google Daydream View, which has been designed and built by Google themselves.

It comes with a material design that has been added to help it match the other devices that Google unveiled recently, such as the Google Home. It will work with both of Google’s new Daydream-enabled phones, the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL.

Both of these have the needed screen and processor to run the dedicated Daydream software, which will be the basis of the VR experience and allow you to access the Daydream enabled applications.

The Daydream View will also work with a separate remote control, allowing you to scroll and interact with the content on the screen, without touching the device itself.

The Google Daydream View headset will be available from the Google Store, EE, and from Carphone Warehouse for £69 in the UK.

It will be available in Crimson and in a lighter grey version. However, to start off with, only the slate version will be available.

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