Google‘s Self-Driving cars are almost defiantly the way of the future and all the driver to take a backseat on their way to work and relax without the stresses of traffic, bad drivers or any sort of everyday hazard as the cars themselves have hit the 300,000 mile mark with any accidents.

Announced earlier today, the cars have been under testing these past few months and since then they haven’t had a single accident whilst under computer control, which makes you think how reliable we actually are, that a machine can achieve fewer accidents than a lot of us can.

Before we can throw out the old cars and bring these in, Google will have to conduct testing in more unpredictable conditions, such as in “snow-covered roadways, interpret temporary construction signals and handle other tricky situations.”

But Google have sad that they will soon start allowing single occupants to take the cars to work, rather than commuting in pairs, which is excellent and makes me kind of jealous.

Via [GoogleBlog]


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