Much like many other companies, Google has this week announced its earning for Q4 2014, revealing just how much the company has grown over the last year.

In the financial report Google reveal that they made $18.1 billion in revenue, which is up from the $16.86 billion they made in last year’s quarter. They also revealed a net income of $4.76 billion, which is also up, increasing by 40 percent from the year-ago-quarter, when the company announced $3.38 billion in profits.

The earnings per share for this quarter where also $6.88.

This is still under Wall Street predictions, who predicted that the company would announce $18.46 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $7.11.

Most of the company’s revenue was made from their advertising business, in fact to be exact 89 percent of the company’s total revenues for Q4 2014 we advertising related.

Google did however announce that other revenue grew to $2 billion for the quarter, with YouTube revenue up over 100 percent year over year, and watch time up 50 percent year over year.

It’s very interesting to see that the company still has yet to separate itself from the advertising business further, which might be resulting in some investors asking for change in the business.

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