Last year Google released a new incubator project called Area 120, where employees with ideas that have been approved can spend “20 percent time” on various side projects.

One such project from this incubator was released this week, called Uptime, it is an app that has been designed to make watch YouTube videos with your friends of thing, allowing you to meet friends, share YouTube videos and add stickers and text to those videos.

From within the app, you can search for new videos to watch, with the ability to find new friends to watch them with based on common connections in the app.

Interestingly, despite it being a Google project, it is currently only available on the iOS platform, however, we would be surprised if this isn’t released on Android also soon.

It could even be baked into an existing Google app such as YouTube.

You can try it out at the source link below.

[Update: Google has just released Uptime to the public, allowing you to check out that YouTube party action today. You can download it from the iOS App Store today right here.

Source: Uptime

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