Google’s Nexus Player is now available to purchase in the UK. First released in the US in November 2014, the player which has been built by ASUS will allow you to access Android on your TV, granting you the ability to load a range of Android apps like Google Play Movies, Play Music, YouTube and much more.

Alongside that it is also Google Cast ready, meaning that you can quickly stream/ cast video from an app like Netflix or BBC iPlayer from your phone to your TV.

And to add to that, the Nexus Player is also compatible with gamepads, allowing you to play a range of Android games on your TV whilst on the couch.

To do all of this the Nexus Player needs to connect to the internet using a 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection, as well as to your TV using a HDMi port. Once both of those are connected you’re good to go.

In terms of specs the Nexus Player has a 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor, PowerVR graphics, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. It will also come with its own Bluetooth remote control.

The Nexus Player will be available in the UK from today, priced at around £79 from a range of retailers including Currys, PC World, Amazon, John Lewis and of course the Google Store.

The Gamepad will be sold separately for £34.99.

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