MWC 2015 is set to kick off in just two weeks, when we expect to see a number of new announcements for various tech, gadget and of course smartphone products.

However there has today been a report claiming that there might be something special coming to the show, and that is Google’s long-awaited Project Ara.

According to PhoneArena the modular smartphone will be show off at Barcelona next month at MWC, with fifty modular components expected to be available to view during the show, however the site does also claim that not all of them will be in a working condition, however they do claim that a complete working version of Product Ara will be available at the show.

in case you don’t know, Project Ara has been designed to allow users to swap out various modules of the smartphone in or to change it or upgrade it to their needs, with available modules said to include upgrades for the camera, RAM, display, GPU and many more including the battery and ports.

As of yet however, the final details for the modules have yet to be revealed.

Toshiba has however announced that they have partnered with the chipmaker Einfochips in order to produce the needed chips for the handset, with the company stating that they have already designed two different versions called the Spiral One and the Spiral Two.

They will also be launching Spiral Three soon too.

According to oshiba’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Shardul Kazi, these chips will be bt sold as modules for between $50 to $500.

As of yet however we have yet to hear more details than that.

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