According to reports that were posted this week, Google may be planning to bring their self-driving cars to the UK’s roads in the near-future.

Currently, the cars are being tested across the US, however, according to these reports, Google will be expanding this to London.

This news comes from London’s deputy mayor for transport, Isabel Dering, who claims that they have been in a number of talks with Google to bring the self-driving cars to London.

The UK are running a number of trails of self driving vehicles and now it would appear that we may see the Google self driving cars on UK roads in the future.

Here’s her statement:

“It’s going to have to work in big cities so why don’t we start trialling it now?

“We met them a few weeks ago to see whether they would do trials here.

“It is still very early days but we would be keen for trials to happen in London whenever Google are ready to move them into other countries.”

Google has yet to make this news official or even confirm any plans to do so, however, if true, we may see self-driving cars across London soon.

Via: Sky News

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