At their Made by Google event yesterday, Google announced their expansion of the OnHub router that they launched last year with Asus and TP-Link.

Called the Google Wi-Fi Router, it is the follow-up to the OnHub, but with one big change, it’s made by Google and not be a third-party.

The router looks to be a very simple device, sized at around the same dimensions as a couple of hockey pucks, it has been designed to fit in a number of places around your home, creating a mesh network that would allow you to extend your Wi-Fi all over your house.

It also comes with a new feature that Google called Network Assist, which allows the router to actively manage and optimise your network in the background, without you having to fiddle with settings.

And this is the real reason that you might want one of these routers, because it is easy to setup and easy to use.

You can also control it via a companion app for a smartphone, where you can manage access and other features like parental controls.

Google Wi-Fi will be available for pre-order in November in the US. It costs $129 for one base station or $299 for three and should ship in December. Google said that it won’t be coming to the UK just yet, but it is possible that it might do soon.

You can check out the video below for a quick look.


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