GoPro have finally released their app that allows users to view and control their HD Hero2 camera range through an iOS or Android smartphone/ tablet.

The iOS app is available free today and allows iDevice users to have full control over their GoPro, and can even preview the live footage straight from their device, alongside that, the app also shows a daily Photo and Video of the day to provide you with some inspiration.

Within the app you can control basically any function on the camera including, power on/ off, recording start/ stop and Mode settings, along with real-time monitoring of the cameras battery life and SD card capacity whilst live previewing footage from the camera during and prior to video or photo capture.

The GoPro’s time and date can also be auto synced to the same as your smartphone or tablet, with a ton of new features coming soon including streaming playback of already taken video and cameras, alongside social network integration, control of multiple cameras and live streaming.

At the moment the app is only available on iOS, but the company will be releasing an Android version soon.

Source: iTunes App Store and GoPro

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