Alongside the announcement of the new Hero 5 cameras, GoPro revealed their first every drone, called the Karma.

GoPro wants this to be the easiest way to build a drone and use it right away.

It’s small enough to fit in a small backpack, which it will also come with, and GoPro says that it is also light enough to wear during any activity, without it being uncomfortable.

It will also come with a controller that has been designed to be used as a console gamepad, it features a built-in touch screen for control and to view footage from the Karma.

On the drone itself, there’s a 3-axis stabiliser that can be removed or attached to the drone at any time, or attached to the included handgrip for use in a handheld mode.

The GoPro Karma will be available for $799 in the US for just the Karma drone, or with the Hero 5 Session for $999, or with the Hero 5 Black for $1099.

We don’t know UK pricing yet.

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