Much like a number of governments around the world, the UK government has been raising concerns over Huawei’s networking equipment for years, claiming that it might be aiding the Chinese government and threatening national security.

This is particularly a problem in the UK as Huawei supplies companies such as BT, EE and O2 with equipment.

To try and overcome these concerns Huawei opened a “Cyber Security Evaluation Centre” which is designed to test all incoming updates to Huawei hardware and software, however the government was concerned that this method would rely on self-policing and decided that it would need to investigate before being happy with the arrangement.

That report concluded this week, coming to the final conclusion that the evaluation centre is sufficiently independent from the rest of the company, with the auditors Ernst & Young finding no major concerns with the day to day running of the centre.

In its report, the Oversight Board also concluded:

“In the year 2014/15 (the centre) fulfilled its obligations in respect of the provision of assurance that any risks to UK national security from Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s critical networks have been sufficiently mitigated.” So Huawei is in the government’s good books, for now. The evaluation centre is just one part of the supply chain and, to safeguard the UK’s networks and communications, these inspections will continue on a regular basis. Huawei may never win the support of its harshest critics, but this report could go some way to putting their minds at ease.”

So it’s good news for Huawei, who have a great set of products that deserve to see more spotlight.

You can find the full report at the source link below.

Source: GOV.UK

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