Grado just unveiled their latest flagship headphones that cost a massive $2,695 in the US, yes $2,695….

But there is a reason for that price tag.

Called the PS2000e, these headphones are handcrafted by the Brooklyn-based manufacturer to create a unique look and an audiophile-focused response.

The will take over from the PS1000e but feature a sleeker design with a maple wood core and metal accents that make the headphones look very premium.

The new headphones also have a new diaphragm geometry that aims to make music playback in a form that is as uncoloured as possible according to the company.

You can pick up the new PS2000e in the US today for $2,695. We don’t know about pricing or availability for other regions just yet.

You can find out more about the new headphones at the source link below.

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