Gran Turismo Sport was only launched on October 17th but it has already seen huge success and has already hit the top spot of the UK game sales chart with almost three times the sales of Forza 7.

But is this success valid and is it any better than it’s the biggest competitor?

Well, if you are looking to work that out before you pick up the game on the PlayStation 4, you will be happy to know that reviews are now out for the game, allowing you to get a view of the game before you start your first race.

To help you figure that out, we are going to round up some of those reviews into one article, check them out below.

IGN – 7.5/10

In many ways, GT Sport is the most polished Gran Turismo game in over a decade. It looks great, feels great, and what’s here has been carefully and well executed. However, while I can forgive the sprinkling of eccentric nonsense, the lack of car and track content really hurts, and the online-only nature of the vast majority of it is worrying. Overall it just isn’t as complete as its key competitors.


What shape Gran Turismo Sport’s future will take remains to be seen, and Polyphony Digital is, not altogether wisely, being enigmatic about how exactly these strong yet slim foundations will be supported in the coming months. There will be updates, with cars and tracks inbound – though whether or not we’ll have to pay for the restoration of the tracks and cars that have defined the series and been cast aside for Sport is a matter that is still perfectly unclear. For all the positive changes ushered in by Gran Turismo Sport, some things remain the same.

Some things have surely changed for the better, though. Gran Turismo has come in for criticism in the past for operating in a bubble, of ploughing its own path in ignorance of everything else that’s going on in the genre. Gran Turismo Sport feels, for the first time, like a little of the outside world is being let in. In its inclusion of features like a livery editor – and a fairly decent one at that, allowing you to create your own designs and share them online – and its slim implementation of virtual reality, this once antiquated series is even in danger of feeling positively modern.

Ars Technica

Gran Turismo Sport is a great racing game. What it’s not is a simple PS4 port of the last GT game. Almost everything about this latest release is different from every game that has come before it in the series. There are way fewer selectable cars than the competition (and previous GT games). There aren’t many tracks. You won’t spend hours buying new parts for your car or taking it for an oil change or a car wash. Gran Turismo Sport might not be the world’s most accurate driving simulation, but it’s fun—a lot of fun, particularly with a steering wheel. And refreshingly, it doesn’t try to make you open your wallet to unlock anything.

And that’s it for now, we will be updating this list as more reviews are released.

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