Rockstar has today announced that they will be finally releasing their stimulus package for GTA Online at some point next week, after the apologetic bonus has been delayed for almost a month now.

In case you didn’t know, the stimulus package was to be provided as an apology for some of the issues that players have experienced since GTA V launched earlier last month, and was to provide users with $500,000 of in-game cash within two separate $250,000 transfers.

Rockstar has today announced that these payments will come with the version 1.05 update, that will address player loss issues and will begin the cash rollout.

Something that Rockstar explained in their press release : “Thank you to everyone for joining in GTA Online throughout this first month of its release, for all of your awesome Online Snapmatic pics and Crew videos that we’ve spotted, for your patience and understanding as we’ve been working through the initial teething issues of launching an online experience like this, and for your excellent feedback. Please keep it coming as it is really helping us plan for the future of the game. Here’s a quick update for all Grand Theft Auto Online players worldwide on what’s in store in the immediate future.”

Source: Rockstar

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