Recently Amazon said that The Grand Tour was the most popular show on the Amazon Prime Video service, but today it was revealed that the show might be bigger than that.

According to the piracy-tracking company Muso, The Grand Tour has broken yet another record, becoming the most illegally downloaded show in history.

The news was shared with the Mail Online, who revealed that the first episode of the Grand Tour has been downloaded more than 7.9 million times on torrent sites, with the second episode reaching 6.4 million, and the third episode reaching 4.6 million up to know.

They say that this makes it the most illegally downloaded program ever.

The data also revealed that the UK was the largest segment of downloads, accounting for 13.7 percent of the total downloads.

It’s obvious why this news is the case, given that The Grand Tour requires a subscription to the Amazon Prime service, which people might not want to pay £79/ $99 a year for to get access to it.

Despite that, it’s likely that the show has attracted subscribers to the Amazon Prime service anyway.

Via: Mail Online

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