Gree Games is a free app for both iOS and Android which lets you play games with everyone else around the world, you can challenge your friends to a game, share your high scores on Facebook and Twitter and chat with other gamers. But of course the main part of the app is the ability to discover new great games, with a massive lineup your never without a new one either, the current top games include, Pirates Age, Drilland, Cerberus Age, Fishing Star, Zombie Jombie, Alien Family, Unblock Me Free and PopStar.

Once you found an app your want to download you can select it and it will take you to the App Store where you will be able to purchase the app, alongside already released apps Glee games also shows of some games that are yet to be released, allowing you to pre-register for them and receive a notification when it’s ready.

This is a great app discovery platform as well as a gaming network, as such it’s defiantly worth a download especially since its free. You can download the app today from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store today, once you do you can add me if you need a friend, my user name is Ne0nk0ala (the 0’s are zeros).

Check out this video for more information:


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