After the iPhone 5 was launched yesterday, it became clear that manufactures are going to have to go back to drawing board and re-release cases made for the iPhone 5, Griffin are one company who are stating from today to release new cases fit for the iPhone 5.

These will include some of their already successful lines, such as the Survivor and Protector collections, which have been designed to withstand some pretty tough terrain, the Survivor is the first in the line-up which will be released for the iPhone 5, but will not lose its US Department of Defense Standard 810F design, which has been made from a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame and clad in a rugged and shock-absorbing silicone, which protects against dirt, sand, rain, shock, and vibration.

The new case for the iPhone will be available in the same sort of colors it is now, but for the price tag of £34.99.

Griffin will also be releasing its slim a compact case, which has been made with a thick silicone to protect from everyday use, the Protector simply wraps around the phone and comes with customer cut-outs for the various ports and buttons, the Protector will be available in fluoro fire, fluoro orange, black, pink, red, turquoise, olive, grey and purple for £14.99

If you want to keep the thinness of the new iPhone 5, the Reveal is probably more for you with just a millimetre added to the thickness of the iPhone 5, but still made from a material that is easy to hold. The reveal will launch for the iPhone 5 in black, white, grey, pool blue, fluoro orange, fluoro fire, fluoro citron and blue, for £14.99.

Griffin will also be releases its stylish Moxy and Chevron cases, the Chevron will be £19.99 and is basically a one-piece shell that will snap onto the outside of the iPhone 5, leaving space for all the ports and controls, the Moxy will also be £19.99 and offers two layers of protection in a slim design, with various patterns available, including Big Cat, Python and Zebra.

The Mustachio and Wise Eyes cases will also launch for the iPhone 5 and will be available in moustache and owl patterns,l in various colors, both will also be available for £19.99.

Last but not least is Griffin’s new animal inspired cases, the KaZoo and Animal Parade, which have been made from a soft silicone and give your iPhone a taste of the wild side, the ZaZoo will be available for £19.99, in Elephant and Monkey designs, whilst the Animal Parade cases will be available in Koala and Tiger designs, theirs even apps to download that will provide you with background images to match your case.

You can find out more about all the cases mentioned above, at the source link below.

Source: Griffin

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