As gadgets within the household begin to multiply so do their remotes, which leads to the need of hunting within the pile of remotes sat in your living room to find that one that will control the TV or even your home entertainment system.

Thankfully Griffin believe they have an answer for this all so well-known problem, the Griffin Beacon which turns your Android or iOS smartphone/ tablet into a remote that can control them all.

Within our review we tested the iOS version of the app with both the iPhone and the iPad, during which we found this product to be extremely useful and even portable.

The unit itself is a plastic box like shape with a large black pebble above it, which is used to send the signals to your various devices within a 180 degree line of sight.

Once paired with your device via Bluetooth you can use the free Dijjit Universal Remote app, available from the iTunes app store, to control whatever devices you choose.

Within the application you can then go onto setup the devices within the room you are using the Beacon, this can be selected from a list of over 200,000 components ranging from TVs to Blu Ray players.

I found setup to be a quite easy process depending on the product you have, for example when setting up our Sony TV we simply selected Sony from the list and then selected TV as the component, we then used the apps Wizard to configure the remote with the application.

This is a fairly easy process of simply pressing the on button placed on the screen onto you find the one that actually turns on your TV, but it doesnt always work like that, and we found that with some products we did have configure it manually.

This is done by simply pointing the remote for that device at the Beacon until the app recognises the button pressed as the one needed to turn on the TV, after which it will register its signal for use within the apps remote later.

The remote was extremely easy to use, and I found myself naturally using it to control my TVs volume channel and every thing else within a short time.

One of the great things about the application is you can set up different rooms within it, so if you had gadgets in another room such as your bedroom you can simply set those up within a different board on the application and move the Beacon around the house according to the room you want to use it in.

I did find the fact that the Beacon takes four AA batteries quite annoying, and would have prefered to see some kind of rechargeable battery, not having to plug into a wall is a godsend however.

This is a great device for consolidating all of your remotes into one simple and easy to use place, however I don’t think this is something I would be able to use on a constant basis as getting the iPhone or iPad out every time the volume on the TVs a bit too high can take up a lot of time,and I’m not sure that this could replace the good old remote.

However if you do have a lot of tech like me, it’s probably a good idea to look into buying one and see how it works for you.

We would like to thank MobileFun for sample of the Griffin Beacon for review, if you would like one you can pick it up from there site for around £45, they also a bunch of iPad accessories and iPhone accessories that you can check out there too.

As mentioned before, MobileFun did send us over the Griffin Beacon for review but all thoughts and opinions of this product are truly mine.

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