Ever wanted to create 3D art on your iPad? In a sort of Superman moment, Griffin and Crayola have just launched the product to enable you to do so.

The DigiTools Ultra Pack is aimed at children, allowing them to unleash their creativity on something that isn’t the walls, with DigiTools you can create colourful designs using a ton of special effects including 3-D, airbrush and glitter.

All this is linked to the iPad which means it can be taken basically anywhere, making the set very handy for keeping the kids entertained on those long trips.

Included in the pack is the Digital 3-D Tool and glasses, that allow the user to create designs that simply pop out from the display, there’s also the Digital Crayon and Digital Color Changer which can be used to give the drawings that extra colour-filled touch.

But that’s not even all, there’s also the Digital Airbrush and Digital Rainbow Roller which add paint effects to your artwork, alongside which the Digital Stamper which can be used to create animated scenes.

All of which can be used in conjunction with the Crayola DigiTools app which is a free download from the app store and allows users to create new drawings at a flick of a brush or finger, whichever you prefer.

The app can even print off your drawings once their finished via AirPrint, allowing you to stick the good ones on the fridge, or if you prefer they can also be saved to the camera roll, e-mailed or uploaded to Facebook.

The DigiTools Ultra Pack is available from today for £39.99, you can find out more about the pack or even purchase one at the source link below.

Source: Apple

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