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Recently to mark its 20th anniversary they have released a set of new products exclusively released to its new store in London’s Westfield, Stratford City before anywhere else.

These include a wide variety of products starting with the Studio Connect which brings professional recording abilities to the iPad which comes with an audio in/out, MIDI in/out and stereo headphone jack allowing you to plug your guitar, recorder or mixer into your iPad.

Alongside the Studio Connect Griffin will also be releasing a set of revolutionary headphones made from real wood alongside a set of nice looking iPad and iPhone cases and a set of kids headphones cases and toys, check out the press release below for more information and images.

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Griffin Technology launches latest range of products

exclusively at its first-ever retail store

– Store at Westfield Stratford will feature exclusive products –


London, UK – 21st June, 2012 – Griffin Technology, innovators for everyday life, launches its latest range of products exclusively at the company’s first-ever retail store. Griffin is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary, to commemorate this achievement and to showcase its products to the large global audience expected to attend the 2012 Olympics, Griffin has opened its shop at Westfield, Stratford City.   Griffin is launching its latest range of products exclusively at the shop, before they are launched elsewhere to the UK market. 


“The opening of our very first store celebrates a huge milestone for Griffin Technology. We have been leading the way in developing innovative and ground-breaking accessories for the past 20 years,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology. “This store will allow us to share our vision and our products with consumers’ first-hand. And, with the spotlight very much focused on London and the 2012 Olympics, there’s no better place to unveil our very first store than at Westfield, Stratford City. We will also be launching a number of new products exclusively at the store, so we are able to monitor consumer’s reactions and feedback, before the products are launched to market elsewhere.”

Description: Description: StudioConnect - Audio and MIDI + Charging Dock for iPad

StudioConnect, RRP £119.99

StudioConnect takes recording music on the iPad to an entirely new level, giving aspiring musicians a chance to produce professional sounding recordings. Griffin’s multipurpose StudioConnect gives your iPad: audio in/out, MIDI in/out, and a stereo headphone jack with its own volume control so you can monitor what’s going in (or out).  Plug your guitar into StudioConnect’s mono 1/4″ instrument jack and play directly into GarageBand or other apps; or plug a recorder or mixer into StudioConnect’s stereo 3.5 mm input jack and connect the whole band to your iPad.   In one compact device, StudioConnect combines both the audio and the MIDI hemispheres of the audio world, whilst also providing a charging dock for your iPad.

Description: Description: http://store.griffintechnology.com/media/catalog/product/w/o/woodtones-1.jpg

WoodTones, RRP £19.99

Made from real wood, reclaimed from furniture manufacturing, these earbuds pair the acoustic qualities of the wood with 8mm neodymium drivers. Vocals come alive, and low frequency bass emerges without distorting harmonics or clarity-destroying echoes. Users will notice an improvement in sound volume and may find themselves listening at a lower volume level than usual. The WoodTones enclosures are lightweight and comfortable so users can wear them for extended periods without discomfort or fatigue. Three sizes of cushions are included, to ensure a good fit for ears, and a listening experience isolated from outside distractions.

Description: Description: No. 36 Trekker - Handmade flapped leather bag for iPad, by Col. Littleton  Description: Description: No. 46 Holster  Description: Description: No. 2 Clutch - Handmade leather clutch for iPad, by Col. Littleton

Col. Littleton, RRP from £49.99 to £489.99

Griffin has teamed up with Tennessee based designer Col. Littleton, to develop a premium range of handmade leather iPhone and iPad cases.  These cases, from the ‘purveyor of fine accoutrements in the Americana tradition’ himself, will be available at the Griffin store.  The beautiful leather cases offer style and protection for your iOS devices.  No. 2 Clutch, No. 5 Pocket, No. 22 Portfolio, No. 36 Trekker and No. 42 Courier will all hold your iPad, whilst No. 46 Hollister and No, 50 Wallet will case your phone.  Offering protection for your iOS device and a stylish casing, the handmade Colonel Littleton + Griffin range is built to last a lifetime.

Description: Description: Griffin + Third Man Records Case - The case that's custom cut from a 7" vinyl record

Griffin + Third Man Records Case for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, RRP £19.99

Custom cut from a 7” vinyl record, Griffin has teamed up with Third Man Records, both of whom call Nashville home and share a lifelong love of records.  Incorporating a real 7″ vinyl record, pressed by United Record Pressing in Nashville, Tenn., the record is then die cut to protect the back of your iPhone. A molded frame snaps around your iPhone, holding the interchangeable record insert in place and protecting the controls, edges and screen.  There are also made three additional backs inspired by Third Man-signed artists: The White Stripes on white vinyl, The Raconteurs on black and The Dead Weather on yellow.

Description: Description: Threadless folio case for iPad

Griffin + Threadless, RRP £24.99 for iPhone 4/4S and £34.99 for iPad

Griffin + Threadless introduce iPad cases to its popular range of iOS accessories.  City Canals, Circle Dots, Atlantis and Peacock have been selected as part of Griffin’s Co-Op with crowd-sourcing design community Threadless.  The folio style cases features a canvas exterior and a micro-suede interior; the cases opens like a book and flip close to protect your iPad’s screen.  Griffin has also added 2 new designs to its iPhone case range; A Happy Day in the Back Yard and Is That an Amp in Your Pocket? are now available for the iPhone 4 and 4S.  The snap on silicon shell is less than 1mm thick and protects your iOS device from scratches, dust and the mundane.

Description: Description: Woogie 2! - The more-huggable, more-squeezable case for iPhone and iPod touch

Woogie 2, RRP £19.99

A colorful, plush toy that securely houses iPhone and iPod touch, the Woogie 2 protects devices while children play.  And, thanks to the Woogie App, Woogie is much more than just a huggable case. The app brings Woogie to life with 10 faces activated by the user’s actions including; laughter when the Woogie is tickled, dizziness when the Woogie is shaken, the ability to repeat words and phrases spoken to it, and the tendency to fall asleep when left alone. Parents will be relieved to know that there is also a Quiet Game with the Woogie App, disabling the talk-back feature. Available in blue and pink, Woogie is the answer to the question on every child’s lips – “can I play with your iPhone?”


Description: Description: KaZoo, pandaDescription: Description: KaZoo, turtleDescription: Description: KaZoo, hippoDescription: Description: KaZoo, owl

kaZoo for iPod Touch, RRP £19.99

Now you can carry a little of the zoo with you wherever you’re headed with Griffin’s kaZoo cases. kaZoo’s animals are made from durable, soft silicone and give easy access to all ports, controls and connectors. The friendly animals give you easy access to the Multi-Touch display and headphone jack while protecting your iPod touch.  Choose from Hippo, Panda, Owl and Turtle.

Description: Description: Crayola® MyPhones earbuds - Volume limiting earbuds

Crayola MyPhones Earbuds, RRP £12.99

Co-branded with Crayola, the iconic childhood brand, MyPhones earbuds have built-in volume-limiting circuitry that keeps sound pressure to levels recommended as safe for young ears. Kids will like these earbuds, too; they come in a range of colors including Purple Pizazz, Cotton Candy, and Caribbean Green, all bearing Crayola’s iconic design. MyPhones earbuds are kid-friendly to use, durably constructed, and come with their own carrying case.

Description: Description: Crayola® MyPhones - Over-ear volume-limiting headphones for kids

Crayola MyPhones, RRP £19.99

Children can now colour and design their headphones with the Crayola MyPhones.  The over-ear headphones limit listening to levels of 85 decibels, a safe volume for kids to listen to music and audio at.  MyPhones are fully adjustable, comfortably cushioned, and conveniently kid-sized.  Available in both pink and blue, the headphones come with 40 stickers to customise your MyPhones.


For additional images of Griffin’s new store, check out the Facebook album here and for more information about Griffin Technology, visit www.griffintechnology.com.


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