Griffin have today unveiled a new color range to its Survival Custom cases, Griffin’s  rugged iPhone 4 and 4S case, the new colors  are available in a mix-and match color options at, each one comes with the choices including the silicone wraps, polycarbonate inner shell and belt clip, all of which are then assembled to create your iPhone or iPad case, available in the UK for the first time.

The cases themselves have been tested to meet the Ministry of Defense and US Department of Defense standards, and are built to withstand extreme conditions including dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration, temperature and humidity, and has been built with a shatter resistant polycarbonate frame and hinged plugs that seal the dock connector, headphone port, hold switch and volume controls and a detachable heavy-duty clip.

The mix-and-match color options include:

·         Silicone wrap colors: black, blaze orange, pool blue, hunter camo, pink, red, and olive

·         Polycarbonate inner shell colors: black, white, blaze orange, pool blue, pink, red, and olive

·         Belt clip colors: black, white, pool blue, pink, red, and olive

For the iPhone Survivor case, there is also a new range of two-tone versions including,  blue/black, white/navy, lavender/purple, pink/black, white/black, red/black and black/olive, and the iPod Touch cases are available in pink/black, pink/white, black green, black/blue and black/red.

There are also some iPad two-tone cases available in, black/green, black/blue and black/pink, black/pool and lavender versions, all of which are available from Griffin’s Store.

The iPod Survival for £29.99, the iPhone cases are also available for £34.99 and the iPad cases are £54.99

Available now on

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