A handsfree device is probably one of the most important things you can have in your car, Griffin knows this and has released their answer to a better solution.

The SmartTalk Solar is not your ordinary device, as you can guess from the name the SmartTalk will mount onto your widescreen and charge itself from the sun, the device is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones and with the Solar’s motion sensing Auto Connect technology the device will pair with your connected smartphone as soon as you enter the car, leaving no room for error.

As you can expect the SmartTalk Solar will allow you to answer and place calls without taking your hand of the wheel, to answer you can either just use the large button or use your phones voice command feature to make the process even easier.

Check out the SmartTalk Solar on Griffin’s site, where it will set you back about £49.99.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release” hide=”Hide Press Release”]London, UK – 24th July, 2012 – Griffin Technology, innovators for everyday life, is announcing the latest edition to its lineup of DriveSafe products: SmartTalkSolar, a handsfree solar-charged speakerphone for smartphones. Available from Amazon, RRP £49.99.

Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, SmartTalk Solar’s motion-sensing Auto Connect technology links to paired smartphones as soon as you enter the car. The multipoint pairing feature conveniently allows connection of two different phones simultaneously. SmartTalk Solar mounts to the windscreen with the solar panel facing the glass, keeping the internal battery charged for extended talk time. Answer and place calls using a single large button, or activate the smartphone’s voice command features to keep your hands on the wheel when making or receiving calls.

“Staying focused while driving is harder than ever with all the distractions that can come from smartphones,” said Tony Johnson, Griffin’s European Sales Manager. “Griffin’s DriveSafe products and new SmartTalk Solar make it easy to stay connected on the road while maintaining safe driving habits.”

SmartTalk Solar is the perfect addition to Griffin’s DriveSafe App, which provides quick access to local laws governing handsfree phoning and texting, keeping users informed and compliant with local laws when driving in the UK, France and Germany.

SmartTalk Solar, RRP £49.99, is available now from Amazon


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