The first thing to think about when you get a new product, is getting a new case, for which there is defiantly no shortage on ones to choose from.

Probably the best to get if you’re looking for protection however, is most defiantly Griffin’s Survivor case which was recently released for The New iPad, the case which is a lot like the iPhone version comes with three layers, a front protective cover as well as a rear and a silicone padding to go round it all.

But as you probably already know the Survivor has a certain USP that’s different to other cases, as it uses all of these components to protect from dust, sand, shock, drops, vibration, wind and even rain to a point where it meets or exceeds US military standards.

On the front cover there is a screen protector, which I found to be extremely susceptible to fingerprints  making it essential to wipe the cover down every now and again. On the back is a second cover but this time made from one piece of plastic, surrounding which is the rubber shell.

Installation of the case is extremely easy, as all you have to do is simply snap the parts together around your case, once in you’ll find that like the iPhone version, everything is completely covered including the Home, Sleep/ Wake, Volume Rocker, Speaker, Dock Connector, Rear Camera, Side Switch and Microphone, all of which, apart from the volume rocker are covered with flip-open panels which are firmly attached to the case.

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This does make it very difficult to use any of the covered ports, as you have to pry them open when you want to use them, alongside that the camera and speaker flaps are especially annoying, as that has to be held down whilst you take a photo/ use the speaker.

However the protection on this case is brilliant, and after a few drop tests and use in the rain, I did find that the case held up remarkably, but that’s not all as Griffin have also decided to throw in a plastic stand with the case that fits perfectly onto the case and allows you to change the iPad’s angle for better movie or typing angles, however this will only work in the landscape orientation and only provides one new angle.

Overall I did really like the Survivor for The New iPad and thought it is defiantly the way to protect your iPad when out and about, however I feel like this case is only a now and again sort of thing, one which will only come in real use when going on holiday or on a hike etc, so I would advice getting a second case for normal days when you don’t need this kind of protection.

If you would like to pick one up you can do from Griffin’s site where you can get the case in a bunch of different colors for around $79.

Thanks again to TalkPR and Griffin for sending us this product for review.

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