The biggest problem with the iPhone is how quickly and easily it can break after a simple fall, which is not a good thing when carrying a £500+ phone, so you need some way to protect is right?

And the best way to do that is by fitting your phone with one of Griffin’s Survivor iPhone 4 and 4S cases, which has been tested to UK and US military standards for … conditions, and can even be dropped from six feet onto concrete.

There are a couple of issues with this case however, the first is getting your phone in and out of the case, which I found to be quite the ordeal during the review, alongside this in order to use anything from you camera to the headphone port, you have to unclasp the protective cover, alongside which the case is thick which mean docking the phone can be a problem.

Which means this case is only really for those who would need to use it constantly, such as construction workers or hikers.

Included in the box is an attachable belt clip that can be used for its obvious purpose as well as doubling up as a stand for your iPhone, you can pick up the Survivor in a range of color combinations already set up, or you can choose your own combination from 294 possibilities with the custom range, for which you can find out more here.

There’s also cases available for the iPod and iPad, which you can find on Griffin’s website.

To finish the review, I’d just like to see this case is defiantly the one you want for iPhone protection, but it I not for those that prefer a little less weight and bulk to their phone as it was made for protection not design, I would have liked to see the camera port to also be changed to a screen protector like the one on the front instead of the flap, which would actually be one of the biggest things I would change with this case.

Thanks to Talk PR for sending us one over for review 🙂

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