At CES 2016 today Griffin unveiled an update to their BreakSafe line of products, which are magnetic breakaway connectors that bring Apple’s MagSafe technology to USB Type-C ports and cables.

Today, they revealed a new BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Breakaway Cable for the 2016 MacBook Pro along with a new USB-A adapter, a car charger, and a wall charger that all have BreakSafe connectors inbuilt.

This comes after Griffin launched the original BreakSafe USB-C cable some time ago for the 12-inch MacBook, which worked for that but could not provide the power needed for the new MacBooks.

So Griffin unveiled a new Hi-Power version of that cable that has been designed for a capacity of up to 100 watts, allowing it to work with the new MacBook Pro models.

So if you are looking to gain the magnetic ability of the MagSafe connector on your USB-C ports than you might want to pick one up. It will be available in Q2 2017.

Griffin will also have a USB BreakSafe adapter in Q1 of this year for $19 that will add a magnetic connector to other devices with USB-A, providing power/data at speeds of up to 480 Mbps. There’s also a new BreakSafe Car Charge and Wall Charger adapter which will bring BreakSafe to phones and tablets for $39.99 in Q2 2017.

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