Griffin has today announced new hardware updates to its StudioConnect and PowerMate products, both of which will be showcased during the CES 2014 tradeshow at Las Vagas.

The Griffin StudioConnect HD will launch in 2014, and will now feature a pair of XLR inputs, a USB port and five-pin MIDI support as well as dedicated monitor controls, and support for both 30-pin and Lightning based iPads.

The StudioConnect will be priced at $200.

The Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth was the second announcement, becoming fully wireless, it removes the need for any cables, connected to devices through Bluetooth, the PowerMate will allow users to control various aspects of various applications, allowing users to cycle through files in apps like iMovie and GarageBand without needed to actually use a mouse.

You can use Griffin’s software to customise the pulse different rates and patterns, as well as to notifications.

Source: Engadget

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