One of the saddest changes with the latest MacBook machines from Apple is that they have removed the MagSafe charging cable in favor of charging over USB Type-C.

This means that the charging cable is slightly harder to plug in and it does not provide that safety measure that the MagSafe is so well known for.

As Griffin normally does, they have come up with a solution to that, unveiling the BreakSafe earlier last year.

Initially, this gadget was made for the new line of MacBooks that were also unveiled last year, however, they have revealed that it is also compatible with the MacBook Pro. That all said, it is only compatible with the 12-inch MacBook and the 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro, as they BreakSafe can only reach 60W of power.

That all said, if you are thinking about picking up this new 13-inch MacBook Pro then you should definitely think about picking up the BreakSafe to make your charging experience a little more enjoyable.

It is priced at £29.99 and you can find out more about it and even pick one up at the source link below.

Source: Griffin



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