Probably the biggest annoyance with the new 12-inch MacBook is that it swaps a number of ports for a single USB-C port, which can be used for everything from charging to syncing devices.

Griffin has today announced a new accessory that might change some of your USB-C woes for the better, called the BreakSafe, the new six-foot Magnetic USB-C power cable brings magnetic charging to the 12-inch MacBook, whilst using a USB-C port.

The BreakSafe cable will come in two separate parts, the first is a 12.8mm plug that is inserted into the USB-C port on the MacBook, the second is a 6-foot cable that connects to the 12.8mm dongle magnetically, whilst using USB-C.

The only problem with this is that you’re limited to only using Griffin’s own USB-C cable, however the advantages of magnetic connections is so huge that this might not matter.

The Griffin BreakSafe USB-C adapter will be available in April for $39.99.

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