As many of you may know by now there is an amazing deal at Tesco’s for GTA V. Avid fans may have already pre ordered their copy of the game but for those of you who are yet to have done so, this may be the deal for you. The game isn’t set to be released until spring 2013 but for those of you willing to pre-order from Tesco’s you may save yourselves a lot of money. Hot UK Deals recently released information on how to get GTA V for only £30 by following their instructions.

Tesco are offering a voucher which offers £10 off any £40 spend, which thankfully can be used when you are pre ordering your copy of GTA V from them. For those of you who don’t want to look around the internet for the code here it is – code “TDX-RJMW”. Unfortunately there is a catch, Tesco found out about this information and have changed the original price of their GTA V from £40 to £39.99, which means it cannot be used in conjunction with the voucher. Meaning you will have to buy something 1 pence or over in order to qualify for the deal. It shouldn’t be that hard for you to find a second item online which can bump the price up to the full £40 needed.

In addition to all this Tesco are also offering 500 Clubcard points for all GTA V pre orders, which could be reason alone for you wanting to pre oder from them. Any way you look at it this is a pretty sweet deal, and those of you eager to get the game on release may have just found their ideal way to get it.

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