When it was first launched, Grand Theft Auto V quickly became the fastest selling game around the world, selling more than 70 million copies worldwide since it was originally launched in September 2013.

Today the game-tracking website Chart-Track reported that the game has also sold more than 6 million physical copies in the UK, which is a pretty huge number.

That number does not include the digital sales for the game, however, there is still more interesting news.

Chart-Track also revealed that the game is continuing to sell well, despite its 2013 release date, hitting the No.5 position in the last week of top physical game sales for the last week.

This is thanks to a number of updates that Rockstar have been releasing for the game, allowing it to remain fairly fresh.

GTA Online is also a popular mode for the game, which is a free mode for the game that allows players to compete against each other in the open-world environment

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